About Netcap International B.V.

Netcap International BV was started in 1999 by the then management of Knapen Trailers. Tarp (tilt) systems were originally only fitted to Knapen chassis, but it did not take long for the first systems to be supplied in kit form to both national and international clients.

An agreement in 2005 allowed the kits to be distributed by Tasko (a supplier of commercial body fittings), which led to instant success for the sliding tarp. Since 2007 however, Netcap is fully self supporting again and supplying her custom-made sliding tilt systems worldwide.

The Netcap mission is to ensure that every end user has a sliding tarp system that is stable, tight, opens and closes, and meets the customer’s specific requirements. We achieve this by advising the people who will be fitting the sliding tarp system with as much detail as possible, supplying a custom-made product, construction manuals, and if necessary support during construction.