Below you will see many of the optional extras that are possible.  Should you however require specific items, then please contact us.

The advantage of the Netcap LPS system is that it can be fitted to any type of headboard.  It is therefore not necessary for Netcap to supply a headboard.  Netcap can supply a trailer or a good quality headboard.  Headboards are supplied in kit form and are easily assembled and fitted.

It is possible to have a Netcap sliding tilt system with doors.  In this situation the rear trolley is strengthened to counter the additional weight of the doors and ensure that the sliding tilt remains stable.  Enquire about the possibilities.

Roof raisers
When folding the superstructure during the opening process, the tilt sheet will hand down by 20 to 40cm.  This is not a problem for most of the loads that could touch the tilt sheet.  However for certain loads such as glass panels it is crucial that sheet drop is minimized.  This is possible by fitting additional roof raisers.