A Netcap sliding tilt (tarp) is fitted with a durable 900 gr/m² PVC coated tilt sheet.  The tilt is available in nearly every colour.  Company logos, sign writing or even full digital prints can be accommodated.

A rubber profile is integrated in the under side of the tilt to prevent the ingress of splashing water or dirt.  Strengthening patches are incorporated where the sheet makes contact with the aluminium superstructure.

Velcro strips are fitted to the inside of the sheet for attaching it to the superstructure.

The tilt sheet is fixed to the front, back and to the underside of the trolleys.

A spring loaded rear roll up sheet can be fitted for ease of speed in opening and closing the Netcap system.  The sheet rolls up so that the sliding tilt can then be opened forwards over the load without any problems.  A cord attachment allows the sheet to be easily un-rolled.